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Win an Xbox Series X by Discussing Black Friday! [Winner Posted!]


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Here's how it works:

Through Monday, December 6th (at 11:59:59pm EST), you'll earn one entry into the contest every time you post in one of the Black Friday forums including this main Black Friday Discussion subforum and the Sale & Ad Discussion subforum.

As usual we're not going to require your posts to be a certain length to qualify or anything like that - we just want a lot of great discussion. We know there are times when a one-word reply is fine. All posts in all threads in these forums will count, including other contest threads. Posts in the Prize Club threads will not count however.

Be aware that it's pretty obvious if someone is attempting to "game the system" by posting repeatedly to get more entries. If that happens, we will give you ONE warning via PM. If we see the behavior continuing, you will be disqualified from winning a prize.

This includes posting multiple times in a row in a single thread when one post would be enough, replying to many threads with nothing but "thanks!", etc... as I said, it'll be obvious if anyone does this, so don't do it. There is plenty to discuss without having to cheat to earn additional entries.

So create interesting threads, reply to other members' questions, give your opinions on everything that is being discussed. This is a discussion board - let's have some interesting discussion here!

On Tuesday, December 7th we will randomly select one lucky winner from all eligible entries and you will win a brand new Xbox Series X video game console (MSRP $499.99).

Prize must be claimed by replying to the winner notification PM here on the forum by January 31, 2022 or prize will be forfeited.

And as a benefit to those who were here early this year, all the posts in the forums up until now aside from the prize club thread(s) will also count towards this contest.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to answer them.

Disclaimer: this contest is not sponsored by or affiliated in any way with Microsoft.

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A couple of mine hit the rag bag this year.  Very good quality shirts that get a lot of use.  I thought I discovered an unworn shirt, but it was a fatwallet shirt which is a different kind of treasure altogether.

If we are going to do them I hope it is early enough to give a little leeway with the slow postal delivery. 

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