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Official New Member Welcome Thread


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Hello All,


This is my first time on this site and so far I really like what I am seeing. I look forward to passiong on deals that I find as well as learning about great deals. I also can't wait for the Black Friday deals.

Welcome to the forum!


It is always good to pass along the hot deals, but make sure you also refer your friends and family to GottaDeal with you very own referral link. To find your referral link, click on User CP.

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New here, well, joined up last year but hadn't really gotten into things... this is my first post.


Believe it or not I've never done the Black Friday thing - living in Canada up until the last few years. I'm pretty excited to dive into it this year! :D


This site looks great, so many people helping others... gotta love that!

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Hello everyone.

My name is Marie and I live in PA.

Found this site and can't get enough of it. But, I am sure my mailman wishes I never stumbled upon it.

Now, I just have to figure out how to start a new post.

Have a great day!:cheesy:

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