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Walmart Black Friday Ad (11/25 to 11/28)


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ok all the Video Games have been entered on the pages in the ad including links to each game


of note Gears 5 is listed on page 2 and page 3 for $15 and $20 it was in each group when i was looking so unsure of which price is correct


Final Fantasy VII Remake Walmart has a Exclusive Content version i listed that one as well as just the normal version

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What’s the price adjustment “rules” at WM this time of year? I seen a couple are interested in the Apple Watch; so am I for my 18 year old who thinks what’s mine is hers lol ...are we able to buy now and get a price adjustment???

No price matching at my store.  We don't ever have it anymore.


I've never bought the sheet sets either.  I do remember them having them in years past as well.  This is the first year I actually need a sheet set..lol.  I am going to look up reviews (if I can find the same sets online) before I buy them.

I have bought the sheets several times.  They are pretty good.  Last year they still had them in my local store two weeks after BF.

After purchasing two tvs last week, I have learned my lesson.  I bought the 42" the first week and was told a week later that they were out of stock.  I bought two of the 55" the following week.  I followed some GD advice and put in for in store pick up.  I got the tvs the following Sunday.  I am now a believer in store pick up.

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Important Announcement about this ad



When Walmart's Black Friday ad initially dropped, one of the highlights was confirmed availability of the Xbox Series X and PS5 during the online portion of its Black Friday sale (which kicks off Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. ET).

But if either of those consoles are on your list, you'll need to wait a couple hours to shop for them.

We just got word from Walmart that these two brand-new, high-demand consoles will still go live on Nov. 25 -- but at 9 p.m. ET instead of 7 p.m.

"This is to make sure as many customers as possible can score this amazing Black Friday deal and have a very happy holiday," reads the statement we received from Walmart.

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I saw several things in the ad:


We just got a Nintendo Switch back in April. We only have 3 games so need to add more to our collection:

Mario Rabbids

Spyro reignited trilogy (if offered for Switch),


Luigi's Mansion


There are a few of the Pioneer Woman sets I would love to have


We need a new sheet set for our bed and my son is getting married in March, so I might pick them up a sheet set for them as well.


For my husband:





New towels (we buy these yearly)

and new bath rug


I am hoping that Amazon will do some price matching for some of the games. I really don't care to have to try to buy anything from Walmart online.

i just ordered the Spyro game for switch for 19.99 online at target
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They have the sheets every year, but I've never bought them.  Are they soft sheets?  Or scratchy?



There are a few things here I'm interested in. Nothing that's going to make or break anyone's Christmas.  I'll probably get a couple of those Wrangler work hoodies for my boys.  A Couple of the $5 rugs, and a few wash cloth sets.  



**Also - can I just say that it makes me happy that this ad was leaked and not released? Kinda feels like old times. :)


I have bought the sheets many times ,in my opinion they are very soft and durable.. the have made it through the scrutiny of a very picky DH and even more picky and vocal college age sons.


That may sound crazy but my boys all have a thing about how the bedding "feels". If it isn't soft and doesnt feel like it cost 200 dollars a set the wont use it..I blame their Dad, he is the same.

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Just happened to check and the sale is live...got everything I wanted!!!!

Thank you!  I had just checked about 30 minutes ago and they didn't even have the main thing I wanted (Luigi's Mansion 3).  Glad I saw this and checked again. I was able to get it..


I would also like to get the sheet set, but they are not available yet.  We have to leave for church before it goes live.  Hopefully they will still be available when I get home.  But, if not, oh well. 

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Pleased to say we just were able to grab the last of the items we needed from walmart online.

Seems like they put up stuff that wasn't supposed to live until midnight friday early?

  • $30 Switch Games: Mario Maker 2, let’s go pikachu 
  • $15 Switch games: Bioshock
  • $29 onn. 32” 2.0 Bluetooth Soundbar
  • $49 Disney Frozen 2 6-Volt Powered Train w Tracks & Caboose

Happy Black Friday!!

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