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Unveling the 2015 Black Friday T-Shirt Design + How To Get One


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Here is the design for this year's Black Friday t-shirts:




A little different type of design than we've had in the past, but I hope you guys like it.


Now for the question many of you are asking - how can I get one (or more)?


1. As always, we'll be giving away a bunch of shirts here on the forum, on our Facebook page and through the live webcasts. Note that the shirts we give away will probably only go up to size XL, so if you need larger sizes, continue reading.


2. Starting sometime next week, I will once again offer shirts for sale. Unlike last year when we made the mistake of going with Represent.com, this year I'll go back to selling and shipping them myself. Shirts will be available for several weeks so you'll have plenty of time to get your order in. Shirt sizes for these will be up to 4XL, possibly larger depending on which style of shirt we go with. Prices will be posted when they go on sale, but they'll be similar to previous years.


3. I'll also likely set something up through Teespring.com for hoodies, long sleeve t-shirts and possibly other items (kids & baby sizes?) using this design. Those orders will be handled by Teespring, but I'll price them all at the lowest possible price I can.


If you order one or more t-shirts from me directly, as always I'll include some additional GD swag in your package as a thank you.


So that about covers it all. More info next week when they go on sale but I wanted to show you the design today. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post here in the thread.

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Sweet, can I vote for the super soft material t-shirts? :)


I will most definitely being buying 1 or 2 this year.


I'm checking to see what shirts we can get. An upgraded shirt would be nice, although it might add a buck or two to the cost, but I'm looking into it :)

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It looks... 'prettier' than previous years :) I like it!


Does it still say 'I've probably got your doorbuster' on the back? That's been a time honored gottadeal black Friday t-shirt tradition for years.


No back design this year. It's cold on Black Friday where a lot of us live, so I've heard many times how with jackets/hoodies on that nobody saw the back anyway. It also helps keep the cost of the shirt low by not having 2 print locations so we might be able to get a better quality shirt for around the same price.


I figure most of you have at least one older shirt with the slogan on the back, so if you really want it to be seen, you could wear one of those instead. We didn't have the slogan the year we did the "caution" sign design on the back, so it has happened before :P


But if I had to guess, the slogan will make its triumphant return next year. Just taking a year off.

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