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Perimeter Perusing at Target (Target Clearance Deals) - 2015


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About half went 70% off today. Got FP Klip Klop castles and the additional princess 3 packs. Barbie Secret Door dolls $3.28, Barbie Magic Dress Sleeping Beauty $6.58, Vtech lite up baby touch tablets $5.08, Mini Simon and Bop it's $2.68, etc.... For my sons best friends son I got the 6 Volt Chevrolet Truck for 70% off, $59.98. I texted them and they are really happy to buy it from me. I got a few more odds and ends. Not too bad.

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I stopped at one store at lunch and the lady was just starting to mark down stuff.  There were two people but she told the one guy that was going to help to go to lunch so I couldn't wait.  I went to another store after my apt and they had marked a lot of their stuff 70% off.  The signs weren't changed of course so I had to check all the tags and some stuff was still in the regular aisles but most of it was moved to one aisle.  I did manage to find a few things but the first store I went to had several more items than the others.  But all in all, a productive stop!

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I was able to get several things. Legos were only 50%, but that isn't surprising. The last few years most stores here salvaged at 50%. I bought a bunch and will hold them to see if they drop and return to rebuy. I have several other items that I bought at full price or 30% that I was holding to return after they went down. I'll be returning those soon to rebuy them.


One hidden special is the Thomas Trackmaster Water Tower Starter set. I found it marked in one store, but it is still coming in new cases and being stocked on regular shelves unmarked. There are 3 in each new case, along with another set that is 2 in 1 something or other. That set is NOT clearance, but the water tower set is. It is sitting on the shelf below the take n play diecast ones that are hanging.

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Not the mass markdown day all at once like a few years back, but still most went to 70.

Hit multiple stores, Very interesting to see how that varied selection of items is each year. While they all have a good bit of the same items with the markdowns, found some great buys at one store the were still full price at others. I find that quite odd but such as it is with Target perimeter perusing.

1st store was a war zone aisle, those are always fun. It was chocked full but not organized at all, and NOT marked down. Was a bit bummed thinking it would be later or the following week but saw another customer talking with clerk near price checker and she was get the clerk to scan and secure the new discount price.

So it was markdown day, just this store was nowhere near ready. I seem to recall the early (GatorPam) days it was like an event, the stores made a thing out of having it all marked down one day from them next, that on say Tues items were 30 (or 50 in some stores) and then on Wed at opening everything was 70...I may be embellishing the memory a bit.

Anyway, now it seems to be a slow burn of sorts. Other stores hit were marked down. Some VERY well organized, some with very small Clearance aisle.

I also scouted a 3 on Fri and actually found yet even more different items. One store that had a clearance aisle that was practically non existent....if that were the only store you ever saw you'd think the perimeter perusing a farce.

All in all a very good year.

But I do miss the 'action' here in the forum only two pages of discussion so far....

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ours was only on one aisle so alot less than in years past, we are buying for a program here like Toys for tots and still got $140 worth of stuff, some barbies, disney dolls, mickey mouse tool bench and Frozen vanity were the major things but really small compared to years past....

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Found several 70% off deals in Women's and accessories.  Combined them with the 20% off clearance Cartwheel coupon.


Merona Skinny Gold Studded Belt

size 2XL on brown

DPCI 061065597

Retail $12.99

Marked $3.98

After Cartwheel $3.10


Merona Animal Print Overcoat with Fake Fur Collar

size XXL

DPCI 283021429

Retail $79.99

Marked $23.98

After Cartwheel $19.18


Limited Edition Fake Fur Hat
(I may get the hat and scarf DPCIs and prices reversed)

DPCI 209150005

Retail $22.99

Marked $6.88

After Cartwheel $5.50


Limited Edition Fake Fur Scarf

DPCI 209150018

Retail $19.99

Marked $5.98

After Cartwheel $4.78


Merona Women's Black Leather Gloves

DPCI 061072866

Retail $24.99

Marked $7.48

After Cartwheel $5.98


I also used the coupon on some jewelry.  However, they were only 30% off, whereas the web site is at 40% off.  Since they are clearance, I was unable to get a price match...


Women's Fashion Statement Necklace with Stones - Gold/Pink

DPCI 215102996

Retail $19.99

Marked $13.98

After Cartwheel $11.18


I was also able to get the matching chandelier-style earrings, which I believe were 50% off.  But I seem to have misplaced the DPCI for that.  They were

Retail $9.99

Marked $4.98

After Cartwheel $3.98


Was pretty happy with my perimeter perusing today.

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Our baby stuff clothing and accessories had already went 70% and is all gone.  As far as the big items, last week I checked and items at my store were still 50% off and had been for a few weeks.  Not sure if it dropped lower this week or not as I haven't went back this week.  For me if I'm not there on Monday when they usually mark it down, that stuff is gone so you might have missed it depending on your store.  Some stores had already dropped to 70% off on the larger items a few weeks ago.

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Seeing some reports that some stores went 90% on valentines and 70% on dollar spot today.  


It looks like the inventory checker might actually be keeping pace with clearance markdowns.  I'm not heading out until tomorrow since the checker is still indicating 70% v-day at my stores.  Well, one store is showing 90% but it isn't worth my time for that store (distance & what's left.)


p.s.  If anyone does find 90% today and has checked that store against the inventory checker I'd love to know if it was accurate... would save a lot of unnecessary Target "checking if clearance dropped" trips if the inventory checker does it.

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The inventory checker indicated 2 of the 3 stores I thought about going to today were at 90 and the third at 70 for valentines clearance.  


So I went to the two that it indicated were at 90 since they are close to each other.  Both were 90.  I didn't make the drive to the one the inventory checker said was 70.


The numbers of items left seemed fairly accurate per the checker.  I'm guessing the few things I couldn't find someone had stashed somewhere or were seriously misplaced.  


$ spot was 70 at one store, salvaged at the other.


If anyone needs dcpi for something specific I'd be happy to pull out my receipts if I have that item.  I tossed all my stuff in the closet since most of it is going in easter baskets.


ETA: Over the last couple days I got Lego Friends little pack, Lego city little pack, Frozen LED balloons, Frozen elsa star lights thing, peanut M&Ms, some other candy to put in easter baskets, goldfish pack, whistle lips, some valentines day cards packs with tattoos/pencils, and I'm sure I've forgotten some things.

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