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Gift Idea previously posted...gift certificates in a calendar?


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Wonder if someone remembers this, but I tried to do a search unsuccessfully.  I believe it was last year?  Someone had the idea to put together a calendar as a gift to someone and include month appropriate gift certificates inside.    My daughter is being very indecisive this year and I thought this might be a good idea to get a bunch of small gift certificates instead of just giving her a plain ole gift certificate to somewhere or money.


It was something like, for the month of January, a gift certificate for ??, Feb would have been a gift cert to a candy store maybe for valentines day, another month was a movie gift cert, a month specific to a specialty restaurant if a certain type of food day falls in that month, etc.   Does this sound familiar to anyone, and/or any ideas on what kinds of gift certificates could be for each month?



Feb- candy store for valentines day?



May- taco bell or similar for cinco de mayo?




Sept- starbucks for national coffee day




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Funny you brought this up, I had thought about doing this for my son when he went to college, but he ended up staying home his first year...  So I never looked up the thread.  But here it is, found it for you.   :)  This is such a great idea, and I will do it someday!



Awesome, thanks so much!

My son really enjoyed this last year. He asked for it again this year.

Great!  Glad that it's a welcomed gift.  I'm sure my daughter will get a kick out of it  :)

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