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Looking for FLORIST codes


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Kabloom (www.kabloom.com)


15% off on Valentines Day Flowers and Gifts Kabloom Flowers! - V6KEB - EXP: 01/31/2006

15% off entire order! - V6KEBA - EXP: 01/31/2006

25% off on Dozen Long Stemmed Red Roses! - V6KEBRRA - EXP: 01/31/2006



Hallmark (www.hallmark.com)


Free Shipping on any flower order! - FSMD05

10% off entire order! - ABILIZER

10% off on Flowers, Plants and Wreaths! - BDAYTEN - 01/21/2006

15% off on Flowers and Gifts! - AMAZON15 - 02/14/2006

20% off on any bouquet! - BUNNY20

20% off on Bouquets, Plants and Wreaths! - VISA - 02/28/2006

20% off on Bouquet! - BDAY20 - 01/21/2006





$10 Off - 2654





$10 off your purchase of $39.99 or more when you pay with your Visa® card - VISA36 - EXP 2/28/06

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Be careful with kabloom, ftd, and 1800flowers websites. Depending on the link that takes you there the price can change. Sometimes you can find a link that gives you a better deal than a coupon code... or once in a blue moon you can find that link PLUS be able to use a coupon code with the site.
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Also, if you use Proflowers.com, you get a free clear vase with your order. Aside from using the Hallmark free delivery coupon code, I believe Proflowers offers the lowest delivery charge (~ $9.99, others are $11.99). ALSO, during the holidays I went through the checkout process at Proflowers, but did not submit the order when I was done (was still checking around for the best pricing), they sent me an email with an additional 10% off to complete my order. It only took off around $3-4 but every bit counts :)
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