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Fun Game while We Wait on the Ads...


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We played this last year and had some fun while waiting on the ads... I've added some suggested changes to this years game... here we go...


The title of a Christmas song will be given and the next person has to take the LAST OR the FIRST Letter of the song title and name a song that STARTS with that letter... then the next person has to do the same from the last song title listed.
Here is an example: Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer - so the next person would have to name a song title that starts with R - such as Rockin around the Christmas Tree...
New Rule
Try hard not to post duplicates on this list... use Google for little known songs if you have to (makes it more fun.) ;) However if you hit a letter that has been clearly exhausted, use the second to last letter. So if we are out of "E"'s then let's use the letter before it.


I'll start off with: Oh, Come all Ye Faithful...
Next person must name a title that starts with the letter L




*NOTE Just tweaked the game a bit to make it a little more fun... you now have YOUR choice of the LAST OR the FIRST Letter of the previous song title... this will give us a lot more songs to work with. :)

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