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Compusa Midnight Madness 12/23

Great Dane Mom

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Guest noitammus
The laptop is better performing than the other sub 500 dollar laptops this season, since it has a 64bit AMD Turion processor which is way better than the Celeron-M or the Mobile Sempron, and 512 megabytes of memory. However, it is a bit more expensive at 600 bucks (after rebates) before the AOL discount. Since you only get a $125 AOL discount with it though, it doesnt seem worth signing up for AOL unless you really want it. Basically if the rebates get through, it is just as much worth getting as the Black Friday laptops, and probably without having to wait outside in the cold for hours as well.
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The laptop is a decent deal, actually, better than their BF Compaq deal. Here's DaPuff's BF comparison chart to jog your memory. http://www.me.mtu.edu/~jdbilyeu/laptops.htm


The 2404 they are offering now is very similar to the 2402 they had on BF except the 2404 has a Turion processor instead of a Sempron and it also has integrated wireless, double the RAM, more ports including an extra USB port and a Firewire port, and a larger hard drive. I think it's worth $50 more AR.

Plus, according to the website you can get some stuff FAR when you buy the laptop like an Epson AIO printer and a wireless router.


Specs from Compaq: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&lang=en&cc=us&product=1153897&dlc=en&docname=c00503566


Overall, it seems like a pretty nice laptop for the price. Not as cheap as some deals we've seen but this is not a stripped computer, either. Only downside IMO is the smallish WXGA screen at 14" but at least it's BrightView.

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Does anyone know how long it takes to get the Compusa rebates?

Depends if this is a CompUSA or manufacturer rebate. I submitted a CompUSA online recently and it says "will be mailed after the merchandise return period." There's more info on their Rebate site:

Q: How long does it take to receive my rebate?

A: This varies by manufacturer. However, most rebate checks will arrive within 6 - 12 weeks of a properly completed request. All rebate forms should include a timeframe, usually within the Terms and conditions section.

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can anyone look at the laptop they have on the front page and tell me if its worth it? i already bought dh one, but now my SIL is looking for her dh. I have read on here that compusa isnt good with rebates.... any help?

Go to Dell.com. You should find one that is equal but less money.

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