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Toys R Us 12/18/05-12/24/05 Ad


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I found this ad on supersaver. The Gamecube bundle includes on Gforce controller and your choice of ONE of the following games: Pikmin2, FZero GX, Metroid Prime2 Echoes, or WarioWare Inc (not exactly suer what the last title is, this is all I could see of the Wario).


Any chance Walmart would match this? I live 1 1/2 hours from TRU, and can't get this online. usu our WalMart will match deals from the city, but wondering about this. Then my hubby would just have to return the bundle we got on BF.



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I bought the Nintendo DS last weekend, now they are giving away a free game and accessory kit. :(


Do you think I can take it back and re-buy it, or just buy it and take the other one back and get a refund????????

We had bought the Silver Ds. My husband took it back on yesterday and got the new bundle for 149.99. It's a much better deal. We did the same thing with the Mario Smash Bro.s Gamecube bundle and 2 extra games a few weeks ago. If they don't want us to return them, they shouldn't run them at a better price. LOL!

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