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Jackets $3.99 SHIPPED for plus size Women


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Here is the link.... http://www.womanwithin.com/Plus-Size-Doorbusters.aspx?sort=PRICE_ASCENDING&DeptId=26267

Also has a carry bag for $2.99 BEFORE you add the 20% discount. So have some extra gifts around for unexpected guests!

Code for extra 20% off is WW98437

However throughout the day there have been other discounts available that may be higher, but sizes are running out! Two styles/colors of the jackets available!


I got two sizes of each. Whichever ones don't fit, I will donate to the shelters in town.

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Everything causes cancer in California. I tell you what---I am NEVER going to move there! LOL

Shipping has been free all week. Even this morning....???


LOL things don't cause cancer. We have a law here that says if the materials in the item are known to be a possible cancer causing substance you are to be notified.

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