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Question About Walmart Price Matching

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WalMart does not honor % off or buy-one-get-one-free deals. However, if the regular price is listed in the ad, some stores may delegate to sell you the two items each at half of the regular price. It's effectively the same thing, except proof of price and how it's rung up.
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^ to my surprise, I recently found out that isn't true for my local super wal-mart. We are in a small town and about 25 miles away from Meijers, Target, Best Buy, etc but they have been price matching everything I show them. Including the "only with a store card" deals, which I thought for sure they wouldn't honor. But they do.


If the price is in the ad, they will most likely PM it. :)

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For those that are hyperlink impaired:


I went to WalMart on my lunchbreak to see if I could find out what TV they're actually going to have (the 42" plasma). I didn't find out anything about that, but I did get a 2 page flier with some of the BF deals on it. The first page has electronics and the back has toys. They have the $378 laptop, the $178 15" lcd tv, the $98 20" flat tv with dvd, the $68 portable dvd player, a $88 hp digital camera, $48 dvd/vcr combo, $68 dvd recorder, and $48 5-disc stereo. Along with some video games and dvd's for $8 and cd's for $5.


I just thought I'd post so you can go to your local walmart and find out how much the laptop will be for sure.




down below, it says "*our stores will match any price of a local competitor's printed advertisement for IDENTICAL products, (does not apply to online purchases at walmart.com). We do not honor manufacturers rebates, percents off, double or triple coupons, or any buy-one-get-one-free offers."

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We don't have a KMart in my town. Kmart is having a sale on Thanksgiving Day, where they have Disney DVDS for 12.99 and games, buy one, get one free. Can I go to my Walmart on Thanksgiving, armed with the Kmart Ad, and will Walmart match the Kmart special price?

Call them and ask. They can't do no more than say no.
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