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Why stay at GottaDeal.com forums after Black Friday?!


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List any and all reasons here as to why GottaDeal forums (and the site itself) are worth your time after Black Friday! Feel free to list reasons previously stated if you agree. ;)


This is just a gentle reminder that the forums here exist after Black Friday 2005 will be over with (hard to think about it being over, I know!).


My reasons.. and there is more, but here's a few to start off..


~ Awesome members, very helpful in finding the best deals around!

~ Great contests offered by members and also from the GottaDeal admins!

~ Helpful and NICE admins, hard to find at some forums.

~ Great freebies/contest/coupon forum - my addiction, but a great way to save money as well! :D

~ Getting to hear about other peoples good deals - I love living vicariously through people who get the awesome deals/freebies.


As I said, there are more reasons, those are just a few off of the top of my head. Feel free to be more specific with yours. I'll add on later. :cool:


PS To make this even easier (aka what I wish I had done last year), just hit CTRL and the D key to add this site to your favorites.

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This is a great website and the members are so helpful in offering tips on coupons, deals, steals, etc... I will be sticking around.... Maybe, not as often as now, but it's a wonderful resource. I know that I've passed it on to at least a dozen friends/family during the past two weeks since I discovered this little jewel!!
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i'll guess i will be here until new year. :bounce_fl


Just until the new year?? Why not stay all year?? C'mon, you GOTTA admit that you just GOTTA have a daily dose of GOTTADEAL even after the new year.


I'm sticking around, even if I do stay in lurking mode more often than posting.

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