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BF Wal-Mart Desktop Price Poll!


Your local Wal-Mart HP Desktop Pprice:  

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  1. 1. Your local Wal-Mart HP Desktop Pprice:

    • $378
    • $398
    • $488
    • Reg. price - $688 and up

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That's right, ladies and germs! It's time for ...


:greenapplThe "OFFICIAL" Black Friday Wal-Mart Desktop Price Poll!:greenappl


Now that WM has release their BF catalog and flyers online, everyone go to WalMart.com and check your local WM price on the HP desktop. Then post it here with your location. Not just so people in your area will know what the local price is, but so we can see just how many of these regional sale prices there are.


And don't forget to vote in the Laptop Price Poll as well!

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Here's entertainment

the Walmart nearest me - Dilworth, MN - has the laptop and desktop for the $488 price


A mere 7 miles away in Fargo, ND - the Desktop is $398, and the laptop is $378.


I know somewhere I read that the prices were based on competitors location - but the Dilworth Walmart is literally 2 hundred yards away from a Target.... love pricing differences.

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