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For years now I usually get up around 2AM on BF before I head out to the stores, and shop online at ON to get their $5 fleeces. I usually buy 4 for each kid and then a couple for me and the hubs. However I just looked at the website listed above and it says that the $5 fleeces are "in-store only", so now I'm not sure if the same sales will be online as they have in the stores? I'm going to be bummed if I don't get my $5 fleeces, and stopping at Old Navy on BF is not in the game plan...unless I do it much later in the day and by then I'm sure the store will be trashed. I guess we'll see how it plays out...


I have had a few things get cancelled over the years from my ON BF order, but never an entire order....maybe a couple items....but I normally get most if not all of what I want (although the website can be pretty slow).

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