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Easiest Contest Ever! Win 1 of 20 Black Friday T-Shirts [Winners Posted!]


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I like the deals of course, but the true reward to Black Friday is the strategics involved. It's sort of like real world call of duty.

1. Coming up with a plan of attack.

2. Setting up solid teams to do as much damage to your list as possible.

3. Dodging punches, tazers, and line jumpers.

4. Protecting women and small children from crazed overly tired zombies.

5. Rendezvousing back at the Sport-Utility-Vehicle for partaking of the rations.

6. Returning home to cheering family after our long deployment with the rewards of our hard work.


Yeah I take this Black Friday thing serious.


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I would have to say sharing the info and Christmas cheer(lovingly attained form GD), to help those truly grumpy, impatient, and poorly informed BF shoppers. More than once this has taken a Bf cranky pants to a HO HO Merry Christmas. I look at is as my contribution to making BF shoppers everywhere a little kinder.
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Simply reply to this thread with your favorite thing about about Black Friday.


THIS is my favorite thing about BF -- the anticipation, the nostalgia, the discussion of products and deals. I start checking in late in August hoping someone else wants to talk about BF. Thanks for making this so much fun.


Before GottaDeal, BF was just a sale.

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