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Cheap airfare?


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It depends on what time of day, what day, what days you need them for, etc you search for them.


So you really need to type in the specifics for what you want on each site and see which comes up with the best price.


Here's some sites: www.expedia.com www.travelocity.com www.priceline.com www.orbitz.com www.southwest.com www.delta.com There is more though. ;)


When searching for a vacation we were planning, I found the cheapest fares just after midnight (local time) and at least 1 month in advance of when we planned on going. :)

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Check out Midwest Airlines. They have several non-stop, direct and connecting flights each day. They are NOT a low-fare carrier, but they do have good web sales.


And, if the fares are equal, give Midwest a try. They have extra wide leather seats and, best of all, they serve warm chocolate-chip cookies fresh out of the oven...right on board!

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remember to delete your cookies before "re-searching" -- airlines use cookies to see what your recent searches were and will price accordingly...I read this in a financial newsletter a friend of mine was writing freelance...


if you're searching for discounts online (esp for flights) clear your cookies.


if you found a deal on tues and then go back on fri to see if the price went down the website will use your cookies to see what price you've previously found and will take you to that one (usually) rather than a new price which may be cheaper!


this is why sometimes 2 people can be looking for deals and one will find a deal and the other cant...its related to the cookies...so delete them after every discount search...

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When do you want to travel? Midwest express currently has Thanksgiving travel specials, and I saw that if you flew out on Monday, Nov 21 and returned on Tuesday, Nov 28th, the airfare is only $98.01! There may be other dates that work that way, too, but you'll have to check for yourself.
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