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Write a Black Friday Haiku & Win Black Friday T-Shirts [Winners Posted]


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I think I got a bit carried away... :) This contest is the best! :)


Middle of the Night

Ads in Hand, I Shut the Light

Noone Else in Sight


We Are First in Line

But it Grows in Little Time

Then it Starts to Wind


People Everywhere

Such Excitment Fills the Air

Employees Just Stare


Husband Hates to Wait

"We Could Camp Next Year" I say

"Just Like Big Jim Slade"


He Laughes and Says "NO!"

Suddenly it's Time to Go

The Line Overflows


People Rush inside

The Employees Try to Hide

Husband at my Side


Checking off my List

And Getting a Few More Gifts

So Noone is Missed


On to the Next Store

As my Husband Says, "There's more?"

I Just say "Of Course"


Sleepy we Proceed

To the Next Store Patiently

Getting What we Need


Checking Gottadeal

Half-Asleep it's so Surreal

Bliss is What I Feel

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