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My Nortan antivirus just expired last week. Looking for a good deal on some good antivirus without shelling out $50.


Editing to say my spyware will also expire in a next 2 weeks. so if i can get a bundle or soemthing, that would be Great!!!



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McAfee is 39.99



Internet Security Suite is 49.99 after $20 rebate



Internet Security Suite Includes VirusScan, Personal Firewall Plus, Spamkiller & Privacy Service.



Antispyware is 19.99 after $10 rebate


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Buy.com has 3 pak of NAV free after rebate (or make 4.20 if you get the 6% off coupon -- can I post URL that here??). You should qualify for the $20 upgrade rebate since you had NAV already. Search for "10280941" at buy.com -- I can't post URLs here yet.



They also have a deal on Norton Systemworks 2006. You'll get a little more out of it - NAV plus Norton Utils, and Goback. For $61.99 - $20MIR - $3.72 6% off coupon = $38.27. Search for "10431721" (can't post URLs sorry)

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