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funny story my son wanted one quite a few years ago.i found one on ebay within my budget and bought it.well,a few days before christmas,a knock came on the door and ,wouldnt you know,for the first time in years the boys,both of them,go to answer the door.there is the ups guy holding a bright green snowboard with a tag taped to it with my address.this was SUPPOSED to be his big gift LOL
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Has he ever been snowboarding before? (Well considering you're in Montana, I'm guessing yes...)


Once you get a board, you also need to consider the bindings and the boots.

he went last year for the first time, he's 14.....


Believe it or not, not that many people ski here. Its very expensive, lift tickets are around $50 a day, even the passes are high.






jacket (appropriate)




loan to afford everything

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I understand what you are saying. I'm in Colorado, now a lot of people here ski and board. We don't partly because it is so very expensive. I think the least expensive lift ticket near us is $40+ and quite frankly driving to the ski resorts in the middle of a snow storm does not appeal to me at all.
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