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Gift idea for boss needed. Please help!


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Every year I struggle with this. I asked my Facebook friends but got nothing I could really use. Here are the details.

Early 40s man, married, 5 kids. Buy themselves what they need when they want. We work in financial planning/investment services, and he makes about 300k annually. I, obviously, do not make anything near that. He's not a tie-wearing guy, not a home-fix-it guy, he loves sports. A gift certificate is kind of out because then it puts a set price on the gift.

I would love some ideas, and I appreciate the help! Thank you!

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Since he likes sports, what type of sports does he enjoy? Does he have any favorite sports teams? You can find a lot of sports oriented gifts. If he likes teams that are local to your area then you should check out Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I find sports team products there all the time. If he is a Green Bay fan think about getting a Vince Lombardi book for him or something similar.


Here are a few products from Collections Etc. Use code 3JU5D1 for 20% off and free shipping.


Packers and a few other teams including the Bears Clock $19.99




Team Throw $19.99





When I checked to see if the code worked the total came to


Merchandise subtotal after 20% discount: $15.99


Estimated Shipping (more info): Free


Processing: $1.25


Estimated Order Total: $17.24






The Lombardi Rules: 26 Lessons from Vince Lombardi--the World's Greatest Coach (Mighty Managers Series) [Hardcover]


$9.81 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25








That First Season: How Vince Lombardi Took the Worst Team in the NFL and Set It on the Path to Glory [Paperback] John Eisenberg


$8.22 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.




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Gift Ideas:

1 Monogram anything! It sound like he is at executive level. Business card holder , Sports Related.... etc.

2. Restaurants GC: With 5 kids family. He can use this.

3. Memebership to museum (cheaper than amusement park ) for the family.

4. Money clip ( goes to #1. Monogramed! )

5. Month Club: wine , Chocolate , Cigar .... etc

6. Sports themed car floor mat.

7 : DIY his favorite sports team Gift Basket: T-shirt, Foam Finger , stickers, baseball hat.

8. Car ( Family figure ) sticker. You know.. you see them on back of people's car. A man figure for dad, a woman figure for mom , a girl figure for girl and ....etc.

9. A Personalized License Plate: a sports themed , a famous saying he has or a job related one.


Hope that helps

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Where would you get something like that. I think that is a cool idea.

I personally love the Disney ones cause we love Disney



but you can also google Family window clings and you get a few other companies that make them too.

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Thank you!! I love Disney so will be getting them. Just wish they had birds too have 3 of them lol

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For anyone interested I just ordered a family figure set for my car back in September from a company and I loved them when they came in. www.letterrip.net. They were reasonably priced and shipped pretty fast. They had lots of choices for people and pets too which I loved :)


As far as gift ideas go: I think the digital frame for your bosses office is nice - Costco has a good deal on a PanDigital for $39 right now. Consumer reports gave it a good review and I ordered it for a gift.

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