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So of course I am hosting Thanksgiving and my dishwasher and microwave both broke last week. I have been searchng and found a great dishwasher at Sears but of course it is out of stock. But in all my shopping I noticed that tons of stores are offering rebates or money off if you buy several appliances from the same manufacturer. So our fridge is kindof on its way out too and we are thinking it may be a good time to replace it all. Anyone have a guess as to what will be the best place to shop? Lowes flat out told me to wait until Friday to buy anything. From what I have seen of their circular, it does not look promising. Figured I would see what you guys think.
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The sales associate told me to wait until Friday to buy anything. Said I would be crazy to buy on Sunday (yesterday). But when I checked this site I did not see much in the way of a circular for Lowes. Few things, but nothing great. A lot of stores are offering money back for purchasing more appliances. Seems like the way to go but I am not sure how to get it to work out when you have specific sizes to deal with. I guess there are no crazy rumors out there for kitchen appliances.
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