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this is going to be a hard one

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A vase or a decorative bowl? Have flowers delivered in a nice vase?


Target had some decorative bowls for 75% They are metal I believe and have a hammered look to them. They were in the home decor department. The least expensive one I saw was about $4. I don't have the dcpi number, didn't even think to write it down earlier.



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Target has some very nice bamboo decorative size bowls and trays.

They are where the "fru fru" decorative items are - (as Dh says) ... like candles and such, not with the kitchen wares.


I got one for my moms b-day and she loves it. They are washable and food safe, so he could put fruit in/on

them for added color (and storage)

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i have a smal cheapie fondue bowl. it has a holder and has tealights under it.he could have one of those so even if he s just sitting there he can light it and put chocolate chps in it and dip fruit in t while playig cards,reading


or one of those zen gardens it is basicaly a flower box kinf of thing with sand and different stones in it some that say things on it and it has a mini rake and stuff he can play in the sand



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