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Bose noice canceling headphones


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Can't help you with a deal, but your boss may be disappointed with the Bose headphones as well.


We borrowed my father-in-law's pair for our flight to Hawaii. They do a great job of cancelling background noise, but they don't really cancel things like people's voices. And actually since you're cancelling the background noises people's voices actually become more clear. :)


My f-i-l said most people who put them on think they aren't working because you can still hear what's going on around you.

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From what I've seen, Bose stuff is pretty much at a fixed price. In your situation though, I would look into other brands because it seems to be pretty accepted among the audiophiles that Bose isn't all that great, especially for the money.


How much are you looking to spend? Maybe I can find an alternative.

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Thanks for the replies and my apologies for not being on the board to see them. For the person I'm shopping for, it just might be the name BOSE on the headphones that is the most important part of the headphones. I think the JVC headphones I got are really good and a comparable pair to the Bose, but...
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