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popcorn tins ? for those who bought some


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I am trying to find out the weight of the popcorn in the tins that Wal-mart and the drug stores carry. My ds is looking to buy a family gift from the Popcorn Factory, but what he can afford (he's just a kid) is 20 ounces (20 servings) . Hard to compare the weight of popcorn, KWIM? I don't want him to be disappointed with his hard earned purchase, so I want him to know the weight of the ones in the stores so he can compare and make a good choice that he will be happy with.



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I don't have an actual tin here to look at. But it's not going to be tiny. You have to remember this is 20 oz weight not volume. So it's 1.25 pounds. Popcorn doesn't weigh that much. Couldn't find one online that gave the size of the tin and the weight. But if I had to guess it would be somewhere between a 1 and two gallon size can.
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