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Restaurant.com Cyber Monday Sale


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Has anyone ever used this website? Any thoughts?

I'm a HUGE fan of Restaurant.com. I have used this website A LOT!!! So much, that I have to keep a notebook with all of the gift certificates that I have printed off so that I can keep up with them. (you will need to have a printer handy because these certificates are printed off from their website)


They are good for a year after you purchase them.


Always use the codes given. Once you sign up with them they will send you the emails each week with the new code if you want to order more.


The selection is limited in areas as for which restaurants are available. I use this as a way to try new restaurants and see if I like them.


Make sure you read the certificate to see what the policies are. Example: most of the $25 gift certificates require a minimum purchase of $35.00


They always add the tip to the bill.


Right now they are doing a WONDERFUL program called FEED IT FORWARD where you can send free $10 gift certificates to anyone you want to. (and they can send them back to you) You can send up to 30 a day, every day.

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I've never done this. Do you have to pick the restaurant ahead of time? Do the certificates look nice or are they cheesy to give as gifts?

Ive always wondered the same thing. I know the ones I have gotten for myself are not gift giving quality, but maybe the ones marked as gifts are better?

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I've used these certificates MANY times and have never had a problem. I love that they have a year expiration.


I personally have never used them as a gift because they don't work EXACTLY like gift cards. There is always a minimum purchase required for each certificate. For example: You buy a $10 gift card for $.80. The value of the certificate is for $10 worth of food, but it requires you to make a $20 purchase. IF you purchase a $10 gift card from the restaurant and include this certificate for the additional $ off, then it would make a great gift, IMO. You would then be paying $10.80 and giving them $20 free food from that restaurant.


For those who asked, the certificate is printed out on a large sheet of paper. IMO, it doesn't look fancy enough to give as a gift. However, folded up and included with a small gift, card, it would be completely appropriate.

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