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Thanksgiving Turkeys! What to do with them??


What do you do with your Holiday Turkey??  

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  1. 1. What do you do with your Holiday Turkey??

    • Cook it Thanksgiving.
    • Cook it Christmas.
    • Cook it 3 Months Down the Road for a Superbowl Party.
    • Take it to a Family Members House and let them cook it.
    • Forget about the Free Deal and let the coupon Expire
    • Donate it to a Shelter.
    • Other- Please respond with your answer.

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Alright! As we approach the big Turkey Day!! We all shop the food store in the hopes of getting the FREE Holiday Turkey Coupon!! But one you get the bird, what do you do with it??


1- Cook it Thanksgiving.

2- Cook it Christmas.

3- Cook it 3 Months Down the road for a Superbowl Party.

4- Get the bird and give it to someone else in the family to cook.

5- Forget you have it and let the Free Deal Expire.

6- Donate it to a Shelter

7- Other- Please respond with your answer.

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ive never even heard of grocery stores giving a free turkey away :(


How ever my company gives every employee a free turkey, my husband works for the city and they give them a free turkey, and my mom always gets a free turkey from some club she's in, and my mother-n-law gets one from her job.


Since i host all holliday dinners lol I get all 4 turkeys. I usually cook one for our thanksgiving, cook one for the soup kitchen thanksgiving dinner we have at church, 1 i usually give to my son's bestfriends mom because she's a struggling single mom, and the 4th we usually save for new years day (its gets deep fried and then pulled apart to make sandwiches for the game)

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We go to Mom & Dad's for Thanksgiving, but I always make the turkey. I literally have everything packed up and ready to go (including DH & kids) so that the minute I pull the bird out we can race off to Mom & Dad's. They live about 10-15 minutes away, so the bird has just enough time to rest and let the juices redistribute and then it gets carved as soon as we get there. I brine my turkey for 3 days before I roast it, and it is so good! There are never any left overs so last year I made two turkeys just so I would have some to take home. They ate both turkeys and I still had no leftovers!
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DH's aunt just passed on a great tip for this.


When you get your bird, most meat departments will cut it for you. Have it cut straight down the middle so that you have two identical pieces. You can freeze them both and not have to deal with so much excess turkey when you cook it. I cooked one a couple of years ago in the Spring and we ate turkey everything.. now we don't like it nearly as well.

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No free turkeys here... but we will fry a small one and cook a large one on Thanksgiving. The extended family will eat at our house with lots of help getting everything ready from my mom. Last year we invited some guys (Air Force) who in town TDY and worked w/my Dh. Even after giving everyone bags of food to take with them we still had leftovers through the weekend!
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My wife and I go to my in-laws for Thanksgiving, so we don't cook a turkey.


If we do grocery shop enough to earn a free turkey, we give it to my MIL. She cooks them and cuts it into turkey barbecue for the church's annual apple festival. She'll typically cook 6 turkeys and then the church sells the sandwiches to raise money.


Not sure why it's called turkey barbecue, because it is not cooked on a grill and it does not include BBQ sauce. Think of moist shredded turkey, on a hamburger bun, typically topped with catusp and a slice of American cheese. If anything, it's more like a sauce-less sloppy joe made with turkey.

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