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In Need of Stocking Stuff Suggestions for a Man...


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My hubby is so hard to shop for. I always have to get a list from him because he is so picky.


Things that he is into: video games (will be picking up a few of these), sports, Magic the Gathering, books...


He isn't into mechanics, or anything like that.


I guess, what I am looking for, are little things that can be put into a Christmas stocking. I struggle with this EVERY year! I hate shopping for men. Kids and women are easier for me, lol!

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A couple years ago I bought my husband a bunch of travel-sized stuff to keep at his office, i.e. mouthwash, toothbrush, Tide pen, band-aids, etc. Gift cards are a good stocking stuffer as are scratch off lottery tickets. Maybe new socks. Candy is always good, too.
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Here is a list that was posted last year or the year before of stocking stuffer ideas-



1. Small gifts that might get lost under the tree.

2. Pez dispenser

3. Mittens/Gloves

4. Scarf/hat

5. Travel Alarm

6. Paperback book (age appropriate)

7. Candy bar with a toothbrush tied with a bow

8. Pound of nuts/nutcracker

9. Tickets - Play/concert/sporting event

10. Paperweight

11. Necktie and tie-tac/collar bar

12. Jewelry

13. CD

14. Fishing lures

15. Dress Socks

16. Matchbox Car/Micro-Cars/Balloon cars

17. Blank note cards

18. Slippers

19. Novelty Shoe Laces

20. Shoe/Boot polish kit

21. Walky-Talkies (Two-Way Radios)

22. Flower/Vegetable Seeds

23. Tool- Measuring tape, hex set, screwdriver, pliers, etc.

24. Chip clips

25. Lens cleaner/cloth for glasses

26. Wooden Spoons

27. Admission passes to local Museum/Aquarium/Amusement park

28. DVD/Microwave popcorn tied with a bow

29. Cork screw

30. Cool Novelty Pen/Pencil

31. Tin Whistle

32. Ball cap

33. Crafter's Magazine

34. Sports/Car Magazine

35. Comic Book

36. Regional Treat ( Like Utah Truffles or Tim Tams...)

37. HOT,HOT Sauce

38. Digital/Novelty key ring

39. Lego kit

40. Character pin cushion ( these are becoming highly collectable!)

41. First-Aid Kit (camping,purse,car)

42. Sewing Kit

43. Specialty or Vintage Christmas Ornament

44. Leather Work Gloves

45. Snow globe

46. State Road Map. Mark favorite/fun places to visit.

47. Re-useable Shopping Bags

48. Movie Tickets

49. Perfume/Cologne

50. Hand soap (Bath & Body Works,etc)

51. Nice hand cream/lotion

52. Canvas Tote (foldable)

53. Crafting Items for a Crafter (Beads, knitting needles, crochet hook, pattern book, Aida Cloth, specialty buttons etc.)

54. Change Purse complete with change, cash or gift card

55. Bracelet Charms

56. Band Aids

57. Small novelty toys- Yo-Yo, Slinky, PlayDoh,bubbles

58. Miniature Markers/Pens

59. Post-it Notes

60. Sudoku/Word Puzzle Books

61. Water color paints, etc.

62. Colored Sketch Pencils

63. Glitter Crayons ("Fun" school supplies)

64. Sketch pad/pencils

65. Notepad

66. Coupon File with a few coupons cut out form the most recent Sunday Paper to get the recipient started

67. Travel Games

68. Playing Cards and Game Instruction Book

69. Novelty Craft Scissors

70. Train whistle

71. Hand held Electronic games (Solitaire, Poker, Yahtzee, etc...)

72. Superhero Figures

73. Nail Polish/nail stickers

74. Lip Balm/Chap Stick/Lipstick

75. Compact/cosmetics

76. Athletic socks

77. Novelty Chocolate Bars ( Green & Black or Starbucks.....)

78. Leather Bound Pocket Journal

79. Cheese & Crackers package

80. "Forever" postage Stamps

81. Prepaid Phone Cards

82. Character Toothpaste

83. Toothbrush/Character Toothpaste tied together

84. Travel/Sample sized Toiletries

85. Jacks with Ball

86. Jump rope

87. Moon Sand

88. Chopsticks and chopstick rests

89. Small Finger Puzzles

90. USB Memory Stick and Case (don't want to loose these!)

91. Makeup Brushes

92. Apron with favorite family recipe. Tie to a wooden spoon

93. Character T-shirt


95. Underwear

96. MP3 Player

97. iPod

98. Windshield scraper/tire gauge/air-freshener

99. GC Oil Change

100. Watch

101. Variety of Screws/nuts & Bolts

102. Universal Remote

103. Card Making Kits

104. Rubber Stamp/Ink pad

105. Patterned Paper Punch

106. Hair Essentials (Clips, headbands, barrettes, etc.)

107. Beeswax Candles

108. "Little Books" of "How To...."

109. Novelty Night light

110. Sun glasses

111. Nail clipper kits (Look for these in dollar spots!)

112. Jerky

113. 3 Chinese coins ( for good fortune)

114. Flashlight/batteries

115. Leatherman

116. Book light

117. Puzzles

118. Friend Frog figurine (great Feng Shui)

119. Inflatable Bath Pillow

120. Cell phone purse

121. Business Card Holder

122. Barbie Doll/clothes

123. Balsa Plane kits

124. Stationary

125. Cookie Cutters

126. Squirt gun

127. Flash Cards

128. Shower sponges

129. Electric/Safety Razors

130. Lock de-icer

131. Bath Salts/Oil

132. Model kits

133. Foot Cream

134. "Fancy" Box of Chocolates

135. Balsa Airplanes

136. Solder Planes

137. Salt City (Yankee) Candles in a jar (Any size)

138. Compass

139. Inflatable Travel Pillow

140. Sunscreen/Bug spray

141. Trail mix

142. Novelty Candy (DS got scorpion suckers last year and LOVED them!)

143. Trivia Game Cards

144. Jar gift (Salsa, Apron, Pesto, soup, cookie mix, etc...)

145. Bus/Commuter Rail Pre-paid Pass

146. Non-plastic Sport Bottle

147. Pocket Calendar/Planner

148. Swiss Army Knife

149. Wineglass charms

150. Gell Ear Phones for iPod/MP3 etc.

151. Comb/Brush

152. Gum/mints

153. Favorite Recipes~tie with measuring spoons in the bow

154. Small stuffed toy

155. Earplugs

156. Bundle of Flat Carpenter's Pencils

157. Salon Hair Styling Products (sample sized)

158. Small Figurine (Snowman, Santa, Nativity, Angel, Christmas House,etc.)

159. Cool Zipper Pulls

159. Bead Sweeper

160. Cell phone leash and charm

161. Thank you Notes

162. Personalized Mouse pad

163. Flip-Flops

164. Cosmetic Bag

165. Pencil Bag

166. Desk Top Photo holder/stand

167. "Why I-Love-You" note/letter

168. Stapler, staples

169. Paper clips in cool shapes and colors

170. Hand knit (crocheted) dish cloths/matching dish towel

171. Fun kitchen gadgets (Strawberry Huller, egg slicer, peeler, kitchen shears, etc)

172. Small cartons of Goldfish Crackers

173. Pepper mill/ Peppercorns

174. Favorite can of soup

175. Salt Mill/Course Sea Salt

176. Gourmet Honey

177. Grill Mitts

178. Long Lighter (Mom is pyrophobic)

179. Boo-Boo Buddy (Ice pack for kids~Great for DHs )

180. Mini Folding Umbrella

181. Toll Road Pass

182. Collector's Coin From Birth Year

183. Savings Bond/Stock Certificate

184. Lucky Buddha

185. Car Wash Coupon book

186. Mug/Travel Mug

187. Tub Toys

188. Sidewalk games (marbles,sidewalk chalk, hoppy-taw)

189. Teething Rings, Binky, Binky leash, etc.

190. Bibs/Blurf Cloths/Butt Paste

191. Digital Camera/disposable camera

192. Dig. Camera Memory Card/film

193. Small tins with Scrapbooking/Stamping Embellishments

194. Gift Cert for Day at the Spa/Massage

195. Pocket Travel Guide

196. Pocket Language Dictionary

197. Bookmarks/Book Thongs

198. An Addition to Recipients Favorite Collection (ie: Coins, Sports cards, etc, etc...)

199. Donation to Favorite Charity with Card

200. Homemade Coupons

201. A Box of Animal Crackers

202. Memo Holder

203. Luggage Tags

204. Pocket stones

205. Emergency Hair Repair kit (sample sized hairspray, pocket comb, pocket mirror in a small zipper pouch)

206. Rubber snake (Don't ask )

207. Chirping "lucky" cricket

208. Magnetic memo notepads

209. Miniature "Anythings"

210. "Get-Out-of-Chores-Free-For-A-Day" card

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I'm always looking for new ideas for my hubby's stocking too. I usually do at least one scratch off lottery ticket. I put in some of his favorite candy's that are harder to find so he doesn't get often. I also bought beef jerky sticks for his and the boys stockings this year.

If he doesn't have a little swiss army knife that would be perfect. My husband always has his in his pocket. He uses it for everything.

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I will put:


1. a video game or 2

2. a few dvds

3. lighters (he started smoking again :yuck: )

4. gift cards to sears, home depot and gamestop or another game store

5. I always buy magazine subscriptions really cheap and then print out a picture of the magazine and include it in the stocking in an envelope. This is a big hit every year. I have got in the past for him: game informer, popular mechanics, national geographic, etc.


Random other little things he would like. Last year I found some drill bits on sale, so those went in the stocking too.

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I love the challenge of stocking stuffers!


Small things:

all the travel sized things for guys (shaving cream etc.)

mini-bottles of alcohol

puzzle books

just about anything from the Dollar Tree lol



Then there are always the magazines rolled up in his stocking-whatever he is into and that come with a year's subscription!


For the musicians....throw in some strings,picks,reeds,sticks or whatever.

Gift cards to fave restaurants,coffee places.ice cream places.


How 'bout some boxers with their faves on them? I've seen them with sports or game systems on them.


Slippers,tools,computer accessories (headphones,memory sticks/cards).

Yeah,it always seems like men are hard to shop for but really,they are the easiest as they always appreciate amost everything!

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Brownies or fudge. Make them, cut them up, wrap them up individually in saran warp (holiday saran wrap is fun) and tie with a ribbon. My husband loves brownies but we only make them every once in awhile and when we do the kids get most of it.
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My husband is getting boxers and gift cards to subway (only quick place to eat in the town he works in) and starbucks (there's one at the casino he works at)..... the gift cards are 25 dollars each, but they were free from surveys and points I earned online.... He expects the boxers.. but I do something different to go in with them each year (everyone in our house gets new undies and/or socks in the stocking every year)... and for candy I'll get a couple small bags of the SF Russell Stovers and some of the gum he likes for work....
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For my DH, I am planning:



Scratch off lottery tickets

Chewing Tobacco (YUCK!)


$5 giftcards to a few different fast food restaurants

A XBOX Live membership card


Shaving cream


Swedish Fish & Airheads (his favorite candy)

i agree on the chewing tobacco ... my husband does that to and i hate it!:yuck:

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My husband and I exchange stockings full of little things instead of gifts since we save all extra money for the kids. Last year I got him a knife set, some GI Joe he collects, a toy car of his dream car, a new travel mug, and some other things I can't remember right now. I think its more fun to see all the little things that make him think of me when I open mine!
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One thing I got was this cute little calculator that was on the shape of a tire I bought at Staples! Another thing I thought of was one of those sunglasses clips that clip to your car visor. I HAVE to remember scratch tickets! I forget most of the time so DH just buys his own and sticks them in his stocking when he puts out my stocking! I'm a horrible wife! ;)
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I have the same problem with my college age son..... what to stuff with..


Some things that have been hits..


Razors ... if he uses those fancy disposables they are pricey - so its nice to get some refills


Favorite pens and/or mechanical pencils.






Body wash


Paperback book


Puzzle - crossword, word search, soduku, ect books


Travel size games - cards, electric yatzee, football, ect


packs of his favorite Gum

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I really like the way you ladies think!!!! This was definitely the place to go for ideas.


Right now I am thinking of razors, his favorite pens, a cheap mp3 player (if I can come across one), word puzzle books, candy, some bookmarks I made him, and little things like that.


I really like the sexy undies idea....might have to do that.;)

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My hubby is so hard to shop for. I always have to get a list from him because he is so picky.


Things that he is into: video games (will be picking up a few of these), sports, Magic the Gathering, books...


He isn't into mechanics, or anything like that.


I guess, what I am looking for, are little things that can be put into a Christmas stocking. I struggle with this EVERY year! I hate shopping for men. Kids and women are easier for me, lol!

Raven, it sounds like you married MY hubby, exept he likes old Spellfire Cards, not MtG!


Ok, this may not be your cup-of-tea, but thought I'd go ahead and suggest it... besides a few typical things, how about tossing in a piece of lingerie/cute undies in your size~~ clearly if YOU wear them, they'll be a present to HIM.

This is usually a hit... :holiday10 Ho-Ho-Ho Merry Christmas...


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DH always ends up with a football filled stocking. Last year I put in a watch, wallet, lounge pants, leatherhead hat, Madden 2009 for PS3, ink pen, and a bobble head stick pin. Every thing was Patriots, but the video game of course. Oh, man thinking about it makes my head hurt. I spend waaayyy too much money on the stocking. Edited by Kim3498
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