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Spread the Word & Win GottaDeal.com Black Friday Survival Kits! [Winners Chosen!]


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We know Black Friday can be a stressful time of year, and so this year we're going to help you out by giving away our new GottaDeal.com Black Friday Survival Kits! We've got many of these kits to give away over the next 7 weeks leading up to Black Friday, so if you don't win this time, you'll have plenty of additional chances. So I'm sure you are asking, "what's in the kit?" Here you go:




GottaDeal.com T-Shirt: you need something to wear on Black Friday, right? Show your love for your favorite web site with our brand new t-shirts!

GottaDeal.com Bag: some kits will have the drawstring backpack, others will have the reusable grocery bag, and a few will come with both bags!

Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com Coin Caddy: this zippered neoprene pouch can store your cash, credit cards, keys and other Black Friday essentials!

GottaDeal.com Highlighters: these orange highlighters are perfect for highlighting items as you look over the Black Friday ads or your shopping list!

GottaDeal.com Ballpoint Pen: this Pilot G-2 pen (blue ink) is perfect for keeping track of your purchases and crossing off items on your shopping list!

GottaDeal.com Magnets: we'll give you some of our new business card magnets - perfect for your fridge, car or anywhere else you want to stick them!

GottaDeal.com Stickers: bored waiting in line for the stores to open? Stick our stickers on fellow shoppers, store windows or anywhere else!

HOW TO WIN: We need you to help spread the word about the Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com web site on your favorite social networking site. You will earn one entry for this contest for each of the following tasks you complete. So the more you do, the better your chances of being selected to win one of the survival kits.


Task #1: Post a message on Twitter that includes a link to the BF site and our Twitter account (@gottadeal). You must have at least 5 Twitter followers to be eligible for this task.


Task #2: Create and upload a Youtube video that is somehow related to Black Friday. Link to the BF site in the "description" section of the video. Be creative!


Task #3: Join our fan group on Facebook and add a link to the BF site on your profile. Go to the Applications tab at the bottom, click "Links" and then "Post a link" on the right.


Task #4: Post something about Black Friday and link to the BF site on another message board you visit WITHOUT SPAMMING. Only do this if you are 100% sure it's allowed.



Once you are done, post in this thread letting us know which of the 4 tasks you have completed and give us the appropriate URLs so we can verify everything. If for some reason you don't want to post the links publicly, submit them via the contact form here and be sure to include your forum username, as you must be a registered forum member to enter this contest.


Entries will be accepted until 10pm ET on Sunday, October 18th. At that point we'll randomly select 5 winners from all eligible entries and they will each win a survival kit!


Good luck to all!

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Maybe by me posting what I put up in the link?


******** ******* ****** can't wait for Black Friday!!!! My favorite holiday of the year I think! This is my favorite site to visit this time of year for some great deals...and to get into the holiday spirit!

Black Friday @ GottaDeal.com - 2009 Black Friday Ads - Official 2009 Black Friday Deals Site

Source: blackfriday.gottadeal.com

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