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Buying a Food Dehydrator


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my stepdad has one and his comment was it all depends on what you are using it for.


If you are going to be making beef jerky, then you need a different model than if you are drying fruit. If you are making jerky, you'll want a larger model than if you are just drying small amounts of fruit or herbs.


things to look for - can you set the temperature? is the fan on the bottom or on the side (the fan on the side gives a more even drying method as opposed to having the fan on the bottom which will sometimes dry out the bottom before the top is finished - or you have to rotate the trays).


his is so old, he couldn't even tell me what kind he had - so I can't help you out there!

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After some research, I'm leaning towards the Excalibur line of dehydrators. They do have a horizontal airflow system...which I think is imperative for even drying and to eliminate tray rotation.


They are definitely a bit more spendy than Nesco or the other cheaper brands in retail outlets, but I generally adhere to the theory of you get what you pay for.

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