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I just wanted to share the great customer service I got today from shoppinglouisiana.com


We are frying turkeys for 4th of July and my MIL will be here (never been here in ten years with hubby! And we love her, she is super awesome!), so I want things to really be nice. Well, I cant find the injectable turkey marinade anywhere! The store we usually get it from (Sportsmans warehouse) claimed bankruptcy a few months ago so they dont have much stuff in the store (they have duck marinade only right now). So I found a place online with a reasonable price and reasonable shipping cost (about $9.50 total, about $6.00 in the store per jar, so not bad). I ordered this on Monday and it already came today standard fedex delivery!


Unfortunately, the lid on the jar was popped up when it came (jar not sealed). Could be because of altitude, but it has been hot so I didnt want to risk it. I called them right away and they said they will send another one right out. I even already got the email with a shipping tracking number! No fuss, didnt act like I was trying to pull a fast one, just really nice customer service!


I thought in this day and age this was pretty impressive customer service and wanted to share! =)

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