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good gaming router needed

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i need some help picking a good router right now i got the linksys wireless wrt54gs model and it works ok but lately i have to reboot it almost everyday and it lags when we play 3 puters and xbox 360 can anyone help me with a good one that wont lag i am leaning towards a dlink or netgear or linksys it has to work with xbox 360 and my wii and puters plz and tyvm
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Frankly, I'd skip the Linksys and go with the Netgear. I replaced an older Netgear with a brand new model Linksys because I wanted to run multiple computers and my Wii off it and I am way disappointed. It's slower than my old Netgear even on just one computer.


My software engineer daughter was concerned about getting a Linksys replacement, and I wish I had listened to her. May have to replace it again in a bit if it doesn't improve.

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