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ToothTunes .99 Cents


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I don't know if I can post this because this store is not a national chain, but the 99 Cent Only Store, which is in the Western U.S., has the Toothtunes for 99 cents. I tried to get them during the holidays, but I was not going to pay $8-15 each. The stores got their shipments on Thursday and another shipment on Sunday with a breakdown of Monday. I got Jonas Bros., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lion King, Transformers, My Little Pony, Hanna Montana, Aly & A.J.?? I think is their name - the song on the toothbrush is walking on sunshine, Bare Necessaties, Kelly Clarkson. Just wanted to share that if you're interested in these and you have one near you, you might want to check it out. I tried one of the toothbrushes, they're quite cute. It vibrates in your mouth as you brush your teeth the song.

Here is a photo.


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I believe this is the store locator for this store:




Looks like no stores near me. Would have loved to pick up one for ds1 as he hates brushing teeth and never let's me do it either.


He loves the tunes singing soap dispenser I picked up at Target though..so I think this toothbrush might be a hit too. I think I've seen these at Walmart not very expensive (maybe $5?) so I might have to pick one up..

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