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Inexpensive Laptop With Windows XP

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I believe all of the big companies now ship everything with some version of vista. For the last year I've been downgrading all of my family and friends PCs and laptops to xp pro. There are lots of laptops under $400 out there that are good for basic computing. I would just look at staples.com or newegg.com. I use pretty high end machines so I don't know exactly what is out there but you should be able to find a low end dual core with 1G of Ram for around $400 just don't expect to find anything but intel integrated video cards. HTH!
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Check out dell.com theyve got 1525 inspirons starting at 449. Those specs are perfect upgrade the ram to 2 gb at least, thats all you need. I use mine every day, its perfect! I have bought dell for years due to their reliability and service.


I am wary of the deals from the big box stores or random online sites, their service is awful and the support for computers is terrible!


Unless there is a specific issue you have with vista-its no big deal. I use it and honestly have no problems-its not too much different than xp to me. If you use a laptop for normal surfing, etc. you will be happy with this computer!


Dont settle on a computer for the price-check out the reviews on 1525s online. they are like the honda civic of computers.


their outlet is good too, and items are like new..

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