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need help finding a pair of sandals

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Does it have to be exact?


What size is your daughter?


I bought a pair that is kinda close to that - it is still adidas, they still have the fit foam, but I bought them in Kids sizing - only 25 bucks, compared to the 40 for adults. I wear a size six in women's shoes, so I'm a 4 in kids.

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http://www.shoes.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=29834&pg=1010984 with code below 23.99 with free shipping


Not an off brand, but cute and close name brand. I'm not sure how old your daughter is so I don't know how much that matters. They have several other cute slide on sandals that you may want to check out also. I love this site, but rarely get an excellent deal. They also have some okay blue or pink speedo brand ones for 19.99.


RUN2008 or ENTSHOES09 both codes for 20% off

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