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Crocs outlet some 50% off


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My kids have knock offs...they wear them to slip off and on from going inside and outside but my husband forbids anyone wear those out of the house....thinks they are the ugliest things he has ever seen. LOL I don't wear them personally...but maybe if I was in the medical field I would. They are definitely not the stylish thing you have ever seen but I hear they are comfortable.
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"Crocs charges the following rates for shipping:


Ground Service : $9.95 (Free if your order is $100 or more)"

from the FAQ section...

Thanks! I was looking for a shipping section like most sites have, and didn't even think to look in the facts section. Guess I'll pass on this deal since that shipping charge would put the one pair of shoes back up to the price in stores. Thanks anyway to the OP!

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Thanky thanky, got some for me for work and for my son for Disneyland. He's autistic and very heavy so I got him the rx clouds. I'm sure he'll end up liking them and wearing them more than just the trip. ;)

Neither were in the outlet section but much needed and the code and free shipping are much appreciated.

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