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BMG Music members - 3 free CD's code. Just pay S&H


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I just found this on another site. Type in J8E4 in the promo code box on the home page to get THREE FREE CD's. Just pay shipping & handling, which is roughly $2.50 per CD. I just tried the code and it still works. Too bad I don't have three CD's that I want/need. It doesnt work on premium titles but everything else is listed as "free" after you enter the code.


www.bmgmusic.com You must be a BMG member to use the code.

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Thanks I ordered my 3 today. I've been a member since 1986 and I usually get 2 free a year for signing friends, This is just alittle extra. mine came to 3 for 8.88. They usually take about a 8 days from the day there ordered. Great stocking stuffers.
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