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Positive rap?


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I want to preload a couple songs on MP3 players for Christmas for 9 & 10 year olds. They say that they like rap, but I'm a country gal. Does anyone know of popular rap for that age that has a positive - or at least neutral - message?




I know, it would be easier to give them an itunes card, but they don't have computer access so I want to load a few songs on before they get the MP3s.

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I'm not sure where you would be able to find these songs to download, but those kidz bop cd's are cool I think. They are basically the popular songs they play on the radio, but they are clean. Who knows they might have the cd on itunes but I'm not sure.
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Parents Just Don't Understand by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince:D

And Will Smith...




Kriss Kross (going back 16 years...)




Another Bad Creation (18 years ago) (actually their music was a mix of Rap and New Jack Swing)



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third TobyMac!!! They are much awesomeness! I've seen them in concert 3 times and can't get enough :D (uh-oh they're creeping up to my seeing Metallica 5 times...need more 'tallica!)


Best cd is "Portable Sounds" - this is also the most recent

Best songs:

Boomin' - this is one of my favorite songs Christian or non-Christian

The Slam

Made to Love

Love is in the House

One World

...in my opinion of course


TobyMac also used to be part of a band called dc Talk


-there are some other Christian rap artists that the youth at my church love. I just don't know their names off-hand.


others: Boys to Men, Kriss Kross, Will Smith/ Fresh Prince, Informer,


I think these are clean???: LL Cool J, some older Puff Daddy, Bone Thugs n Harmony

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Certain Black Eyed Peas songs, for instance Pump It:



I'm not familiar with much of what is mentioned here, but give it a shot:



You should be able to search on Youtube for a video of anything mentioned there.




But basically any Will Smith CD is a safe bet... Being a "clean" rapper is one of the things he is criticized for (no swear words, no degradation of women, etc.)

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