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Touchmaster (Nintendo DS) WAS $19.99 NOW $4.99 @ Amazon.com SAVE 75%


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GREAT DEAL for the DS owner on your List! :yup: Amazon.com has the Touchmaster (Nintendo DS)

List Price: $19.99

Price: $4.95 & eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime

You Save: $15.04 (75%)





Product Features

Touchscreen Control: All of the 23 highly addictive games make exclusive use of the touchscreen and the stylus which is a natural fit for the Nintendo DS.


Adhoc/Wi-Fi Wireless: Play solo or with friends via single card wireless play or utilize the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to challenge friends worldwide via the Internet.


Leaderboards & Tournaments: Use the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi capability to connect to the Midway Tournament Server via the Internet for daily rankings, high scores, tournaments and more.



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this is one of MY favorite games.. lots of fun :D[/quote


Would there be enough games on this that a 7 year old could play, or is it mainly for older kids? Thanks.

yes my 8 yo daughter plays it too. there are tetris like games, bejewled type games, wheel of fortune, card games, yahtzee.. etc.

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I need to check the do not auto renew for shipping.............how can I do that?

Look under "My Account" at the top of the page. From there, click "Manage Prime Options" and then select something like "do NOT auto-renew" (or something like that). It's right where it shows how long your trial is good for. It wills ay "are you sure?" and you just accept.


Very easy! and VERY dangerous because I am spending WAAAAY too much at Amazon right now!


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yaaaaaaa this sounds like fun,,, im in for one.. got it for my son but i think im gonna be playing his other ds that he lost and got a new one from santa only to find out his little brother hid is so well next to the sound system it blened with the black and we never saw . till after santa already came . lol so ill be taking that ds to play lol
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