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Ipod Docking Speaker Systems - Any Good Deals?

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I really want to get my wife a docking speaker system for her Ipod. She's been wanting one for a long time to use in the house when she's doing housework or relaxing. I'm looking for one that will be loud enough to hear through the whole house. Our house is 1 floor so that shouldn't be too difficult. I saw some listed in the black Friday ads but I don't know which one would be the best deal.
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search ipod dock in search box


right now the deals are:


Best Buy Innova Alarm Clock Radio with iPod Dock $29.99

Circuit City iPod Speaker Dock / Alarm Clock $24.99

Kmart Thanksgiving iConcepts iWindow Portable iPod Dock $19.99

Kohl's Innova Universal Dock for iPod $29.99 * [Early Bird Item - Limited Time Only]

Meijer GPX Boombox with iPod Dock $19.99 [Early Bird Item - Limited Time Only]

OfficeMax Memorex iPod Speaker Dock $29.99

Radio Shack Free Alarm Clock with Dock for iPod (w/ iPod Nano, Classic or Touch purchase) FREE

Radio Shack GPX CD Shelf System w/ Dock for iPod $49.99

Rite Aid Vectra AM/FM Clock Radio with iPod Dock $9.99

Sears Sony iPod Dock Alarm Clock $59.99

Sports Authority iLive Portable iPod Dock with AM/FM Radio $39.99

Target Dual Alarm iPod Dock Clock Radio $29.99

Target Memorex Mi1200 iPod Dock with CD Player and AM/FM Tuner $44.00

Toys R Us Curtis iPod Dock and Clock Radio Combo $14.99

Toys R Us Disney High School Musical Alarm Clock with iPod Dock $39.99

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