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Sears Doorbusters 11-22 7 AM- Noon


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unless they put other stuff where it says no peeking, there is nothing in the ad that i want or need. was kinda hoping they would have had the washer and dryer like they did for friends n family so i could go get it tomorrow instead of bf...but no such luck. Edited by mom2maddynsky27
wanted to add something
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Went to Sears this morning to get the norelco shaver for $29.99 because I also had a manufacturer's coupon to get $5 off also. Altogether this would have been a great deal because my older shaver is getting dull and the price on the new shaver is much less than a set of new blades.

So, I got to the store @ 0730 and the place was deserted, there were probably less than 8 cars in the parking lot. Went inside and they had plenty of the shavers. got to the check out and they would not take my coupon. They said, "Sears only takes our own coupons,:gdparanoid: from our own ads". I said 'Thank you very little', left the shaver at the check out, grabbed my coupon and left.

On the way home I stopped at the Walmart I had to drive by on my way to get to Sears. I showed them the Sears ad, they instantly price matched it and then accepted my coupon without any hassle or questions. The Walmart people were :) smiling :)the whole time and thanked me for allowing them to do me the favor:cheesy:!!! Two opposite extremes in customer service. I guess that explains why Sears is on the ropes and Walmart dominates retail in the USA:yup:.

I should have just gone to Walmart in the first place and you can be sure that is what I will do in the future!!

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