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FOUND, thanks!! Littlest Pet Shop scrapbook kit?

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Update: Went to my local WM and searched high and low in the toy isle and surrounding sections. No luck, darn it! But then up front there was a section of Christmas stuff so I decided to browse, not really looking for the LPS. But one row had a bunch of crafty kits and there was the LPS scrapbook kit!! YEAH!! And it was only $14.88, not $32+ like the online sites wanted. I also bought a $5 gift card for her to develop the film camera. They had a digital Crayola scrapbook kit the camera guy tried to sell me on, but the girl was specific on the LPS one, so I stayed with that, even though she'd only get 12 pics out of the camera. Thanks for your help in finding this!!





I was given a child to buy for from our school's adopt a family. This girl wants a LPS scrapbook kit, but I can't seem to be finding it. I have found it on ebay but was hoping to find it local. Anyone seen it in any stores?? She only has a couple things and my son loves to scrapbook and wants to get this for her, hoping we can find it! Thanks!!

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I am pretty sure I saw them at Walmart (though I could be mistaken about seeing the LPS ones) - they were in a big cardboard display with other themed ones out in the open, near the aisles where they have the Christmas gifts set (like the perfume, lotion, etc ones).
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