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Mini Pig 2 LEDs Flashlight White $1.11 w/ FS


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I went ahead and ordered, my email didn't say when to expect it, it just said "We have successfully received your order. We will process it as soon as

possible and send you a Shipment Notice email when your item(s) ship"

And yes I agree I liked that they took paypal. I picked up something for hubbys stocking, and will have to check back on their site again, their prices were pretty cheap.

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I think I ordered from them last year for stocking stuffers. Wasn't this place listed here last year????


If it is the same place, I had no problems with them. Timing was reasonable and the products were little stocking stuffer $1-$2 and under. Great things though.


Hope that helps

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LOL! In bulk? :blush:


Good luck to both of ya!! ;)

I always got loads of them cheap on ebay, as well as the ovu predictors and though they may have just been tiny strips, they all worked great! :)


...and now back to our regularly scheduled programming: pig flashlights! thanks OP! :)

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Ok.. I just want to say, I am sorry I ignored this company when someone posted about them last week (or maybe the week before). Ive been browsing the site for only 5 minutes or so and already have a cart full of odd n ends, great stocking stuffers, great buys!


Thanks for the post!

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Thanks for the deal. I'm definetely picking up the pig light.....one of my good friends committed suicide in September and she had a pig addiction so it reminds me of her. Plus I found some great stocking stuffers for the DS for my daughter and the PSP for my nephews.
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