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Target 32" LCD $449 on Nov. 16


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It's the Olevia, 720p, No. 232T. Regularly $499.


Anyone have anything to report about this TV? I think I read decent stuff about Olevia. And my time is worth $50 ... I wouldn't have to camp out all night to get a $400 TV....

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Unfortunately Olevia doesn't have a good customer service reputation. We had a warranty that guaranteed onsite repair. (We had one that the sound went bad at about 8 months.) They were impossible to get on the phone and when we did after long wait times, they would tell us to call back.

We weren't the only ones, if you look at the reviews on Olevia's on Amazon, you'll see this is common.

Anyway, we purchased the TV at Meijers and they found out for us that our particular model was recalled and agreed to let us exchange for another brand. I would never buy another olevia personally.

Hope this helps.

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We bought the 42" Olevia last year at Target. We bought it Wed night when they started stocking the floor with Friday morning items. DH opened a Target account and saved an instant 10% off his order. Friday afternoon we stopped by and had them price adjust the TV. As per their store policy, if something you buy goes on sale cheaper within 7 days (14 days at some stores) Target will refund you the difference.


Usually Target does Fri/Sat ads. So you can price adjust any time during Fri or Sat.


Dh likes the Olevia fine. It has a VERY VERY VERY slow warm up/turn on time. I like our Westinghouse a bit better for color, but overall it's fine. Target extended warrenty isn't that bad, either. Check to see how many input/output switches are on the 32 inch. I remember seeing it on sale earlier on the year and I know that point was mentioned.


The 42 inch has plenty of hookups.. a/v, HDMI, S-video... I keep telling myself for the price we paid it is certainly good enough.

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