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Are the flyers honest? "Lowest Holiday Prices"


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I'm fairly new to this, so I'm naive when it comes to the honesty of the stores in their marketing.


When a store says, "our lowest holiday price," are they being truthful? Are they in danger of false advertising if, say, the item shows up on Black Friday at a less expensive price? I'm seeing some good prices that claim they are the "lowest" for the holidays and I'm wondering if they're telling the truth.

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depends on their definition of holiday...it could mean this week is holiday and next week is 'season' and Black Friday is BF...


ya know?


I doubt that something that is on sale now is the absolut lowest price you will see before the actual holidays are here...but it may be the lowest SO FAR....

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Well, one thing we have to remember is this is the Fall "season". The Winter "season" starts December 21. Usually store will put on a really good sale on Christmas Eve if you can wait that long. I don't like to push it. As for the words "holiday season", we did just have Veterans Day holiday and Thanksgiving will be next. They aren't really specific about what holiday they are talking about. I think it is all a gimmick to get you in the store.
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