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Deals or codes for a mattress set


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Interestingly, I know three different people looking for mattresses. At least one of them prefers to buy from JCPenney. I see they are having a sale online, haven't found any other codes to go with it yet.


Any other input on buying a mattress appreciated. My advice was don't buy a memory foam attached. We did and while we've gotten past "we hate it"....we don't recommend it. One of the more expensive mistakes we've made....

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I bought a twin size mattress at Sleepys and didn't realize that the price can actually be negotiated, if your friends are willing to do that. I always thought that it was the sticker price. I knew someone who worked there and they gave me a good deal but they asked the person how low they could go. I got it less than half price if I recall. Even if you negotiate it down to 25% off it is a good deal IMO
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