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buy.com Zvue 1G MP3 - 12.99 & FS

Crazy Mama

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Zvue 30906 Spirit 1 GB MP3 Player--Preloaded with 15 Patriotic Songs -Great Gift!



List Price: See Details $59.99

You Save: $47.00


Our Price: $12.99

Shipping: FREE






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That is VERY nice of you to do!!!

Why thank you.


For years, at work, we'd get a big list of kids and employees would choose a child and buy them some things from their wish/needs list.


After the first day or so, most of the kids that were left were the older kids. Partly because their wish items tended to be more expensive and party because, I suppose, buying for the younger children is more fun?


It made me very sad. Ever since, I pick the older kids. In my discussions with the people at Catholic Charities that run the toy drives, it hasn't changed. The older kids are overlooked.

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