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I think you have to keep your eye out for these. There was a post on the 18th that Circuit City had them online. Prior to that there were some posts that they were at Sam's Club. They were posted in the Online Hot Deals. They go really fast for sure!! I have seen them in my local Craigslist and those too go really fast.
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I got mine online by signing up at wiialerts dot com. I did have to buy a bundle at toysrus.com, but then I was able to return the things I didn't want in-store for TRU store credit. I still subscribe to wiialerts and wii fits show up almost every day...


I LOVE my Wii Fit! As a matter of fact I am about to go do my work out right now while the little one naps! :)

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Could yall please help me find a wii fit online for the normal price.89.99

Daughter really wants one for Christmas and I don't get out of the house much to luck up and find one in store.


You will have the most luck if you sign up for one of the "alert" websites and have them text your phone when they are available.

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