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bestbuy fuji dvd-r 50 pack 19.99


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Ok, went to bestbuy and grabbed a circular. DVD +r and -r 39.99 - 20.00 instant rebate = 19.99. At my store, the dvd -r's were made in taiwan but the dvd +r's were made in japan. You'll find the "made in japan" screened on the dvd's and under the proof of purchase. These are taiyo yudens.


Almost forgot. The dvd -r's were tagged as 19.99 but the dvd +r's were not. The +r's did ring up correctly for 19.99.

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Data, or video?


For data, you might consider +RW/-RW.

Data and I don't really need rewriteable, most of my core files will remain the same.


Besides I'd like to buy DVD's locally, cheap and TY's Made in Japan. This seems to fit that bill.

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Any other suggestions on cheap < $20 rewriteable DVD media?

OfficeMax B&M is often very reasonable for rewritable DVD media. At my local OfficeMax (we have only one OfficeMax in Nyc since the one in Queens closed last year), it's easier to simply ask one of the sales representatives to check what DVD media they have in stock in their supply room, as most times it is not placed on the shelf. YMMV on your local store, however.


Available at OfficeMax.com (and likely B&M):

Imation 5-Pack DVD+RW - $8.99

Also available at Buy.com:

Verbatim 10pk DVD+RW 4.7GB 4X Branded w/Jewel Case - $9.70 (qualifies for free shipping)

One word of caution - regardless of the price, generally steer clear of Memorex media. Have found it be quite flaky, both in the writing process itself, and significant deterioration over time.
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