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How are items from past BF working?


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Bought my first high-definition TV from Best Buy (Mission Viejo, Calif.) as a Black Friday special in 2005 - actually got it the Sunday following, if that counts. It was a Westinghouse 32-inch, 720p LCD panel: in those days, a stone-cold steal at $850. :P


Glad to say it's still working, though it's no longer mine. In May I used my stimulus check to upgrade to a 42-inch Panasonic plasma (love those blacker blacks!). Now that TV of Christmas past is... my nephew's gargantuan computer monitor. :)




(iPod Nano this BF? Zune? Compact digital camera? Kodak HD pocket camcorder? None of the above? Suggestions welcome...)

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Bought Toshiba laptop for 250 3 years ago and it still going strong. 2 years ago bought the panasonic 42" tv and its going great! Also bought the emachines desktop for 199 3 years ago and it goes strong too!

Fantastic. I bought these items in 2006 and still work great too:yup:

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olevia tv - works like a charm, both my friend and i bought one and they both are workin perfectly

hp desktop - workin great also, love the lcd screen that come with it!

sandisk cruser - never failed

WD passport - bought 2, 1 had some issue and died on me after approx 2 month.. contact WD and exchanged for a new one in less than 5 days!



didn't get anything.. lol



HP printer - works great! although the toner is runnin low.. prob need some refill..

WD mybook - perfect! acting as my backup's backup system now

cordless phone systems (4 handsets)- still goin.. but.. might want to think about updating it.. cuz.. it was only like $20 when i bought it

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the target Olevia from last BF has started cutting out randomly in the last few weeks :( maybe ours is going while everyone elses is still okay cause we pretty much leave it on 24/7 ?? I don't know maybe we just got a bad one... from the beginning it was a PITA with the cheapo upconvert DVD player we got from Walmart, thought it was the DVD player but FIL has the same one and it works great.
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Iron from BF '06 Wal-Mart is still going strong, I think it was $6.

I have the same iron, still works great and we actually use it quite a bit......mostly for those iron beads and not cloths, but it still get's used.


Other BF things

2 Walmart laptops from years ago still working great.

2 21" or 22" wide screen lcd monitors from Best Buy are still going.

Random tv's through the house, all still working.

$4 sandwich maker from Walmart gets used almost daily still. Same with the waffle maker.


I'm sure there's more, I just can't remember all the BF things I've bought, and I'm sure some of them were given as gifts.

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